What makes great city planning?

We believe that core considerations should revolve around accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Moving around should be relatively easy with an efficient transportation system.

City and infrastructure designs should incorporate the needs of marginalized groups such as Persons-with-Disabilities (PwD) and aging communities.

Green spaces, eco-friendly practices and technologies should be integrated into developmental planning.

Therefore, KotaKita Sabah has been established to be an the agent of change that focuses on advocating city-regional planning, for the people, by the people.

KotaKita Missions

To champion inclusive & resilient city planning practices that are community-centric regardless of backgrounds.

To educate & spread awareness by catalysing & encouraging knowledge-exchanges regarding city planning between diverse groups of communities.

To bridge the gap in urban planning discourse between the authorities, organizations and communities.

To support green and sustainable initiatives that responds to Sabah’s unique context, culture, heritage and nature.

Events & Projects

Jane’s Walk

Rashidah took the lead in curating Jane’s Walk KL’s Instragram, and we bring the audience on a virtual walkabout around Kota Kinabalu through our lens.

Walkk 1.0

In this debut virtual project, our objective were to raise awareness and educate the public on walkability with the aim to foster collaborative effort in improving city’s walkability.

Malaysia Urban Forum

MUF 2021 was organized by Urbanice Malaysia under the team “Better Cities for All with Covid-19”. KotaKita actively participated as a co-host in the Networking Event, a supporting partner in Youth Assembly and a key stakeholder in Women Assembly.


News and Interviews featuring KotaKita

A group of community-led city planning advocates through the KotaKita initiative has conducted an analysis on the newly-launched multimillion sky bridge in the city which recently turned into a laughing stock when one of its pathways stops at a dead-end.

Nabalu News

A civil society group in Sabah has criticised the state’s town planning, especially here, saying much of the plans are not long-term.


Seeing the potential in improving the walkability and livability of the state capital, a group of young Sabahans passionately advocate for community-led city planning of Kota Kinabalu, through the KotaKita initiative.

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